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Wesley Bruce.
I have many diverse interests some of which may at first seem a strange mix. There in logic in my interests, I hope.

My interests' are chronological:

I'm exploring the past of the biblical creation, Noahs flood and the spread of peoples and languages from the tower of Babel.

The present of; Cold Fusion, other modern technology; Sustainability and Role Playing.

I'm diving into the future in this life though Science Fiction, Space Colonisation, Virtual reality and into the far future the next life Via theology and heavenology.
What is a Vacoy Ecology? The Vacoy are my own brand of alien creatures. An exploration of exobiology. An asteroid belt ecology of living spacecraft and habitats. Planets are for wimps! Read and see more.
My Dot org site.
I ended up with this because the transition from geocities failed to work fully. Yahoo changed plans partway through the process leaving some of us stranded.

Creation Ministeries International

Answers in Genesis USA

Tas Walker's Biblical Geology

Creation research society

Insitute for creation research

Geoscience Research Institute.

World Wide Flood

Essays on creation and theology

A possible link between cold fusion and the origins debate.
I have an interest in economics.
There are links above.
Christian Economics and Politics
Technology does not solve all
our problems but the advent
of new technology prompts
a redesign of our governance
tools, industries and way of life.
Opportunities arise in the process.
The Robots are coming!
Are you ready for them?
Hardware, software,
Cool stuff and some concerns.
Cold fusion energy and technology
Tools for the future: Transport, housing, etc

Facter 10: increasing the level of benifit per unit of resources per person
Freemarket Environmentalism!
Farmed species can't go extinct.
We don't have to eat it to farm it.
If something is deemed priceless
it is easy to mistake it for worthless.
Things are changing radically at the moment with the whole greenhouse paradigm falling flat. See My climategate blog posts and check out Anthony Watts site 'Watts up with that' and 'Jo Nova'. Both links are near the top of this page.

Property and environment. The search for new tools.

Free Market Environmentalism.  With a touch of climate skepticism.
Permaculture. Permaculture Magazine

Permaculture Biblio site.

Permaculture Institute
Fun and games: Works of fiction.

Steve jackson Games

My Role Playing and Miniatures pages
My blog
In case you want to contact me,
I live in canberra Australia: Wesleybruce (at)
More Future Options:

Farming the seas and making a home on the other 70% of the planets surface.
Sea Steading how to make a house that weathers the storm.
Ride above sea level rise. If it actually happens.
Space Colonisation.

Space: room to move, room to expand, room to diversify.
Living space for 100 billon or more.
National Space Society
Mars society:

And did I mention cold fusion?
Other Fusion and energy technologies.

Focus Fusion

They can be sustainable if their on farm or algae based.
And the same technology can produce food. Spiralina.
Bio-fuels from algae. Photo-bioreactors
1.___ 2.____ 3.____ 4.____ A.____ B.____ C.____
Down draft energy towers
They produce Energy and fresh water in the desert
How much energy? Huge numbers. Huge potential.

General Compression: Peak demand wind power.
Motorwind: Very Cheap urban wind power.
To make wind and solar we need grid storage technology at about 2 cents a Kilowatt hour and the wind and solar close to 3 cents a Kilowatt hour. Impossible No. Will it happen in five years no! Ten years yes! Definitely.
Global renewable energy potential is huge and no law of physics or economics can say that it can't be cheaper than oil in the long run but subsidies do not produce the cheapest most competitive solution only free competition in the market can make it cheaper than oil and coal. We have the time. Negative feedbacks have negated global warming dangers. Peak oil matters but cars can run on natural gas. Coal will not run out for 200 years and can be made into liquid fuels.
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