Bioballoons ecology and biology.
The one class of organisms common in sciencefiction and fantacy but not found in the real world is living balloons. These creatures populate the worlds of our dreams but not reality. Perhaps by exploring what can be we can see why such creatures don't exist. Our stormy sky's are probably too hostile for them. However all rain, snow and hail is produced indirectly by an algae in the world oceans. This algae produces a chemical called DMS to protect its self from salt. DMS escapes into the sky to seeds 90% or the rain drops in clouds. Without the algae, or as much salt in the sea, the rain would never fall. We would only see Cirrus and Cirrocumulus clouds in the sky.
Many creationists believe these conditions existed in the lost world period before Noahs flood ~2300 BC. A world of fresher seas, little or no rain, floating forests and a super continent populated with all the plants and animals of the fossil record (except the Quaternary). All living at once in a world that combines man, mamals, birds, amphibians and even dinosaurs.
If bioballoons existed in such a world there would be little to show for them in the fossil record. They would leave little more than a carbon rich stain in the mud layed down in the first hours of the flood; swept from the sky by the ash and rain as the flood erupted. Their fossils would be easly dismissed as the crushed remains of jelly fish. 
What would they be like if they existed?
OK bioballoons can be modeled as an organism. Could the be real some where?  Probably not but its fun to dream.
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