Clear cars
Energy the key to development.
Cold Fusion
Cold Fusion is not dead It just isnt getting funded. The claims that I does not work is totally false but has lead to a black ban in academic journals and universities.
Other fusion technologies.
Focus Fusion
Clean hydrogen boron Fusion at a cost that matches coal and a scale that matches most communities. Could be quickly Tested and verified with only 2 million dollars. Plasma fusion research has used up billions of Dollars, Yen and Euros fruitlessly. We should pray that the other fusion options get going.   
Migma Fusion
Hydrogen Lithium fusion, a technology that is about 30 years old and was under heavy attack well before the attack on cold fusion was launched.
What most people forget (or were never taught) is that making ethanol or biodiesel does not destroy the protein content of the plant matter and adds protein from the yeast in the case of brewing.  Thus the Dry Distillers Grains with Soluables (DDGS) from ethanol production and the press cake from vegetable oil production are both useful stock feeds.  Cellulosic ethanol will increase the production of brewers grains by several orders of magnetude making livestock feed cheaper and more available even in the third world. I recommend Sustainable Ethanol a good book on the subject.
By far the greatest break thorough is algae oil. Hectare for hectare algae produces more protein, vitamins and oils than any other cropping system known to humanity. Algae grown in open ponds requires a lot of attention and microbiology qualifications. This is why algae farming, the darling of science fiction for generations, is a minor agricultural pursuit. The ponds get contaminated with toxic algae that kill the algae we are trying to farm and kill us if we eat contaminated product. The solution was obvious and goes back as far as Jules Verne, seal the algae in a transparent tank. One person needs 60 g of protein per day survive. If you living on rice you need 821 sqr m, if your living on soy its 246 sqr m but an airtight algae pond with Spiralina it is only 11 sqr metres. Ok you would want more diversity in your diet but it illustrates the productivity. New Ultra Violet stabilised plastics developed in the farm irrigation industry are now available to make algae photo bioreactors boom. That will mean Algae oil, algae press cake for human,  livestock feed, and fertilizer. Since the bioreactors are sealed there should be no water losses. We have a farm system that has neither evaporative or transpirative losses. No water losses means we can farm the desert and feed our stock even in a drought. That may in the long run be more important that algae oil.
Biofuels from Algae. - Algae oil.
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Down draft energy towers.
They produce Energy and fresh water in the desert.
How much energy? Huge numbers. Huge potential.
It can be deployed on
land and sea.
Global Renewable Energy Potential.
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General Compression: Peak demand wind power.
Motorwind: Very Cheap urban wind power.
Enough sun falls on the earth every day to power the world for a year.
Solar energy is moving to the point where it is capital cost competitive with coal. At that point the coal era ends.  It is already past the point where it is cost competitive with both nuclear and oil at 80 Dollars a barrel ($100 a barrel as I write). The total cost of coal is often not counted. There are places where the coal industry uses rail and dock facilities without paying for them. These facilities are covered by the government as essential infrastructure. Yet the solar industry is asked to pay for all of its critical infrastructure, i.e. land acquisition, grid connection, long distance high voltage interlinks and energy storage. It is this that drives the calls from solar producers for subsidies. Coal, oil and Nuclear got them in there critical starting phase world war one and two. The cold war followed and facilities were also built at defence expense sometimes. During the Manhattan project whole towns were moved,  a half dozen large coal fired power plants were built with out a single cent changing hands, Accountants were not even employed. Thatís where the starting subsidy for coal, oil and nuclear was paid.

When it is understood that oil finances the terrorist of the middle east; it will be understood that the new solar era must start with the same sense of a war footing that the oil and nuclear industries had in their respective wars.