So Space really is the final fronteer. An environment that with todays technology could support billions of people. There are no indians to disposses, nothing to pollute just abundant materials in the asteroids, the moon, and mars to build a million space stations each several miles long.  All we need is a launch technology that can get men, robots and material into orbit cheaply.  I believe we are on the verge of the breakthroughs needed to do the job.
Living there Safely:
National space society

Mars Society.

The Moon


Mars colony.

Near earth & Asteroids

L5 Stations

Beyond to the stars
Getting into space
The three Keys:

Airships to Orbit

The X prize
The Mars society design now largely adopted by Nasa.
My own designs in progress:
The mars society design now largely adopted to replace the shuttle. 108 tons into orbit.
Mule Scrapship
Many people see Mars as a nice place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there. Many canít even see the point of visiting. To win these peoples hearts and minds to the idea of a multi-planet civilisation we need to show them how Mars can be made habitable with technology they know and understand and with economics that they find believable. I have a few idea's.
Making Mars a home worth loving.
Could we colonize the skys of venus? Airships of glass.
Mercury miners and the cities of silver.